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GO! CVO Antwerpen

GO! CVO ANTWERPEN is an open learning center in charge of realizing a culture of sustainable individual, social and professional development, by organizing open, innovating and qualitative adult education; taking into account the needs of the students, the region, Europe and the society, with the aim of creating a flow to further training and labor market. GO! CVO Antwerpen is an Adult Education Center with several campuses in and around the City of Antwerp in the Flemish region of Belgium. GO! CVO Antwerpen is one of the largest centers for adult education certified and funded by the Flemish Government. 
We organize more than 950 modular daytime and evening courses per year. These courses are clustered around: courses for immigrants (Dutch as a second language, ICT, other languages); formal Vocational Education and Training at the level of secondary education (Second Chance to Learn, potentially leading to a diploma of secondary education in the domains of general administration, welding and multimedia graphics); higher professional education (accounting, architectural draftsman, ICT); a range of language courses (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish); entrepreneurial training courses, maritime training, welding, courses in application software and cooking.
GO! CVO ANTWERPEN is the lead partner organization of the 'Life, All-In' project.

Axxell Utbildning AB

AXXELL is a training organisation which offers VET and independent studies both for youngsters and adults. Axxell has about 2700 students that study at the 6 different departments of Axxell (Lappfjärd, Helsingforsregionen, Åbo, Pargas, Kimito, Karis, Ekenäs och Esbo). In addition to vocational training, Axxell in one of the biggest integration training providers for adult migrants. We have provided integration courses for adult immigrants for almost 20 years. Annually about 1600 adult immigrants study in Axxell, most of them studying Finnish language. Our region of operation covers the whole capital city area where approx. 50% of Finland immigrants live. A team of approx. 70 language and guidance teachers provide Finnish language training and career guidance for migrants in Axxell helping to integrate newcomers to Finnish society.
Our courses are organized in tight co-operation with authorities responsible of integration (labor administration, social workers, municipalities etc.) which gives us good opportunity to disseminate best practices developed during the partnership in our network. Our experts have been involved in  a national core curriculum development work which was coordinated by the National Board of Education and did set a new core curriculum for the integration training of adult migrants and also for illiterate migrants (2012). Training provided by Axxell has a strong connection with working life (and everyday life in general) and our aim is to strengthen this connection to enhance social inclusion by developing our methodologies by combining both formal and informal learning. 

C.P.I.A. 6 - Centro Provinciale Istruzione degli Adulti

C.P.I.A. 6 - Centro Provinciale Istruzione degli Adulti organises modular daytime and evening courses. These courses are structured as follows:
  • Literacy and learning of the Italian language for foreigners, aimed at achieving a title certifying the attainment of a level of knowledge of the Italian language not lower than A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for the learning of languages, developed by the Council of Europe. (total time: 200 hours (100+80+20);
  • First level courses - First Teaching period for the achievement of the final title of the first cycle of education (former middle school) (total time: 400 hours + 200 hours more, if the adult does not have the certification of primary school;
  • First level courses - Second Teaching period aimed at certification attesting to the acquisition of basic skills related to the obligation of education and related to activities common to all addresses of the technical and professional schools (total time: 825 hours).

Oslo Voksenopplæring Skullerud

OSLO VOKSENOPPLÆRING SKULLERUD is an organisation working within the field of Adult Education, qualifying adult refugees and immigrants for life in Norway by teaching them Norwegian language and social sciences. One of our tasks, which require more attention and sometimes new skills, is to provide the ever increasing group of work immigrants from EEA training in Norwegian as a second language. The 'Life, All-In' project would come in good use for evaluating our methodological approaches to language learning with experiments in new methods, including TBLT, a method that can also strengthen the capabilities of informal learning.
We are teaching L2 (Norwegian as second language) to 800 refugees and work immigrants and have teachers with high skills motivated to find better and new ways of teaching to improve results and also to contribute with own experience.

Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Foundation

YOUTH ENTREPRENEURIAL SERVICE (YES) FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organization, which aims to stimulate the entrepreneurship in Macedonia through reinforcing the business and soft skills of future entrepreneurs needed for successfully running of an own company. YES sets the goal to support innovative start-up businesses through many activities and subventions in order to help the local development of the currently most productive sector – SMEs. The five employees of YES with an addition of over 30 domestic and international mentors cover the areas of: business development; promotion, marketing and sales; capacity building trainings (ICT and soft/business skills); internationalization of SMEs. Through its main activity, business incubator, since 2007 YES has supported more than 80 start-up companies, whereas more than 2.000 people have participated in trainings and benefited from increased business/ICT skills. 
YES Foundation has developed a customized training program for increasing entrepreneurial skills of people that have a business idea and intend to start-up an own business in the near future. This training titled "Starting a business" has a duration of 10 days and is being delivered several times during the year. The training is consisted of 10 modules that cover the necessary areas future entrepreneurs need to master in order to be fully equipped when managing their own business. This customized training is a result of previous research executed by YES to potential entrepreneurs and includes tailor made tests, forms and simulations. Experienced trainers within YES Foundation from different fields are being constantly engaged for the delivery of the training.   


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